2020 Missoula area sprinkler blowouts will begin on Monday, September 28. Our online scheduler will be available on Tuesday, September 3. 

At the end of September and beginning of October it is time to winterize your sprinkler system. Winterizing your system means shutting the water off, clearing all water from the sprinkler lines, and having other system components set up so they do not freeze. This is critically important in western MT, as we have very cold winters and the ground freezes down to the depth of your sprinkler system. The consequences of not winterizing your system can be as severe as having to get a whole new system installed! Not good. Sprinkler Maniac guarantees winterizations 100%, meaning that if I mess up blowing your system out, it will be fixed free of charge.


  • Regional Rate 1 (Missoula, East Missoula, Lolo): $60
  • Regional Rate 2 (Florence, Wye, Frenchtown, Clinton, Bonner): $70
  • Regional Rate 3 (Alberton, Huson, Potomac, Stevensville): $80
  • Regional Rate 4 (Arlee, Plains, Superior, Hamilton, Corvallis, Victor, Drummond: $90

*systems over 10 zones will be charged an additional $5/zone