Get your system in ship shape this season with a Sprinkler Maniac Spring Startup. At your startup appointment we will: 

  • Turn the water on to your your sprinkler system.
  • Program your controller for the spring weather.
  • Ensure the entire system is working correctly by operating and checking all zones.
  • Repair any broken heads, pipe breaks, etc. (additional charges apply).

STARTUP PRICING (for systems up to 10 zones)

  • Missoula/East Missoula/Frenchtown/Lolo: $85
  • Bonner/Clinton/Turah: $90
  • Florence/Stevensville: $90
  • Victor/Corvallis/Hamilton: $95
  • Huson/Alberton/Superior/St Regis: $95
  • Rock Creek/Potomac/Seeley: $100

Additional charges apply for any repairs needed to the system (head replacements, pipe repairs, etc.). Find more on our repair pricing here.


Spring start ups are something we encourage homeowners to do on their own, as it’s pretty simple once you know what to do, plus it saves you some money. There are several things you must do to get the system up and running.

  1. Set up the backflow preventer so it doesn’t spray water
  2. Turn on the water supply (typically in your basement or crawl space)
  3. Run through the zones on your controller to make sure they work
  4. Clean up the “crud” on top of sprinkler heads that accumulates over the winter

For more help, check out our Startup Video.