Missoula startups are $65 for systems up to 10 zones. At your startup appointment we will:

  • Evaluate over 20 different performance metrics
  • Operate and check all zones
  • Program your controller

Any repairs or changes to your system will be billed separately.

    To schedule your appointment…

    1. Sign Up: Choose a service date using the form on this page.
    2. Changes: Please email us with any cancellations or changes by responding to your confirmation email.
    3. Time of Service: 24 hours before your appointment you will receive an email with an approximate time of service. Please be available 1.5 hours before and 1.5 hours after your approximate appointment time. Given the nature of our work it is nearly impossible to predict our time of arrival and we ask that you allow flexibility in your schedule to allow our crew members to be thorough at each appointment.
    4. Day of Service: Our technician will send you a text message when they are on their way to your property.


      Spring start ups are something I encourage homeowners to do on their own, as it’s pretty simple once you know what to do, plus it saves you some money. There are several things you must do to get the system up and running.

      1. Set up the backflow preventer so it doesn’t spray water
      2. Turn on the water supply (typically in your basement or crawl space)
      3. Run through the zones on your controller to make sure they work
      4. Clean up the “crud” on top of sprinkler heads that accumulates over the winter

      For more help, check out our Startup Video.