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Spring Start Ups

DSC04316Spring start ups are something I encourage homeowners to do on their own, as it’s pretty simple once you know what to do, plus it saves you some money. There are several things you must do to get the system up and running.

  1. Set up the backflow preventer so it doesn’t spray water
  2. Turn on the water supply (typically in your basement or crawl space)
  3. Run through the zones on your controller to make sure they work
  4. Clean up the “crud” on top of sprinkler heads that accumulates over the winter

To see the spring start-up video, click here:


DSC00005At the end of September and beginning of October it is time to winterize your sprinkler system. Winterizing your system means shutting the water off, clearing all water from the sprinkler lines, and having other system components set up so they do not freeze. This is critically important in western MT, as we have very cold winters and the ground freezes down to the depth of your sprinkler system. The consequences of not winterizing your system can be as severe as having to get a whole new system installed! Not good. Sprinkler Maniac guarantees winterizations 100%, meaning that if I mess up blowing your system out, it will be fixed free of charge.

New Installations

DSC04455When installing a new system I meet with you, the homeowner, to discuss your needs, future plans, special desires, etc. so you get all the performance features from your sprinkler system that you would like. A typical install in Missoula takes 1-2 days to complete, and I encourage homeowners to watch the install to learn as much about their system as possible. This way you are empowered to make adjustments to heads and assess what may need tweaking once the system has been running for a couple weeks. I install systems right the first time, and with confidence provide a 5 year warranty on parts and labor. Check out the online version of my sprinkler installation guide:


DSC04427Sprinkler problems can be as simple as replacing a new head broken by a lawn mower and as complicated as calibrating a system to prevent a well pump from cycling. Common problems are: inadequately adjusted sprinkler heads, broken heads, fittings, and pipes, or electronic controller failure. I have seen nearly every possible break and have the confidence to solve any problem you may have and get your system up and running as quickly as possible. For repair work, I meet with you and go over the problem discuss with you the way to fix it (or options if available), and decide on a price for the service. There is no hourly charge or hidden costs — we agree on the price and it’s set.

Updating Old Systems

DSCN3008Many homes in Missoula have old systems with outdated and worn out sprinkler heads and/or pipe fittings. However, the overall infrastructure of the system (pipes, wiring, valves, and controller) is in functional condition. The installation of new heads can dramatically change the effectiveness of your watering by obtaining more complete coverage, maximizing water usage, and reducing the amount of time the system must run. This is the most cost-effective approach to getting a “new” system.