Get your system in ship shape this season with a Sprinkler Maniac Spring Startup. At your startup appointment we will: 

  • Turn the water on to your your sprinkler system.
  • Program your controller for the spring weather.
  • Ensure the entire system is working correctly.
  • Repair any broken heads, pipe breaks, etc. (additional charges apply).


Don’t let an early cold snap destroy your irrigation system. We’ll handle blowing out your lines and making sure your system is prepped for winter. At your blowout appointment we will:

  • Turn off water to the sprinkler system
  • Blow air through the lines at a safe pressure
  • Drain the water near the ball valve to relieve pressure


As we always say, life’s too short to drag hoses! Treat yourself to a new irrigation system. Sprinkler Maniac Installations feature:

  • Experienced crew members
  • One day installation (90% of installs)
  • Professional grade materials
  • Head to head coverage
  • An efficient design to optimize water use
  • Customized watering for gardens
  • Boring under sidewalks if necessary


We’re here to help when a lawnmower, shovel, vehicle, squirrel or anything else prevents your system from working properly.

  • Experienced, trained service technicians
  • Convenient online scheduling
  • Fully stocked service trucks to optimize on site time
  • Guarantee we can fix the problem
  • Fair pricing that is typically discussed up front