Sprinkler Shut Down Video
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Sprinkler Shut Down Video

This video provides step by step instructions for shutting down your sprinklers if we get a cold night. Typically, your pipes will be fine until the temperature reaches about 27 degrees F since the pipes are usually near the house and protected. It is important to realize that the pipes in the ground will not freeze, since the ground isn’t cold enough. The only thing that might freeze is the pipe outside the house and/or the backflow preventer. That is why you will want to follow the steps in the video. Additionally, I will provide them below.

1. Turn on the sprinklers with the controller.

2. Shut off the ball valve to the sprinkler system while it’s running.

3. Drain the water near the ball valve to relieve pressure.

4. Go to the backflow and follow the directions on the video.

5. TURN THE CONTROLLER OFF WHEN DONE (I forgot to say this in the video).