Missoula Lawn Watering Tips

How long to water your yard depends on many factors: soil type, grass type, how high you cut your grass, direction the lawn faces, slope of the yard, and system design. Every system is different and it takes a lot of analysis and attention to keep a lawn appropriately watered year round. I always tell customers it take about 2 full summers to get the watering times on your system figured out so that you’re being the most efficient with your watering times. The main rule of thumb to remember is to only water once per day and soak the lawn. This challenges the roots to grow deeper and stronger than if you water twice per day, which only leads to short roots.

Turn system on, check things out, water every third day.

In the beginning of the month it’s best to water every third day, but progress to every other day toward the end of the month. This typically depends on rainfall and weather conditions. By the end of the month increase watering times by 10% from the beginning of the month.

After Memorial Day water consistently every other day, except for when there’s rain. In that case it’s best to wait a few days. Increase watering times by about 10% from May watering times.

In July it’s best to water about 5 days out of 7 to keep up with the intense sun, heat, and long days. Increase watering time by about 10% from June, so each rotor zone is running for 45 minutes to an hour (again, this depends on the above listed factors). Mister zones typically run for about 15 to 25 minutes.

August watering is about the same as July, but typically it’s best to dial it back about 10% toward the end of the month.

September – Once September comes watering will be a mixture of May and June volumes. It really depends on the rainfall and temperatures during September. The sun isn’t as strong this month so watering times can be backed off a bit. Best bet is to set it to June watering parameters and see how the grass is holding up.